• Your Assurance in Securitization

    Partnering with you to build custom, holistic solutions for your structured finance management system -- we understand this space and bring far more than reporting to the table.

  • Your Resource for Meeting New Challenges

    Align and design your platform at inception for the best combination of compliant financing and operational efficiencies from day one! Let’s get creative and make this happen together.

  • Your Support to Evolve Your Business

    Test drive our tools to experience how thoughtful adaptation of the existing IT environment empowers your team, reinforces prior IT investments, and takes your structured finance platform to the next level.

Who We Are

HRS is a boutique software development company focused on financing reporting and management. Our team of proven individuals has a deep understanding of structured finance and its unique reporting requirements, enabling us to build custom solutions for any imaginable challenge.

Our Brand

The name of the company came together naturally. The goal was to keep it simple while describing the type of business we wanted to bring to the industry.

We are passionate, hard-working professionals with similar work ethics and values. We do not settle for shortcuts or quick or easy fixes when developing our software. Instead, we provide the HARD, RIGHT SOLUTION.

What Sets Us Apart

Securitization of non-traditional assets can play a critical role in efficiently managing cost of capital and financing access. Unfortunately, few if any existing software platforms are designed to manage these often one-off or less-common financing structures. We have built tools to efficiently, and cost effectively, address the needs of these types of issuers in a manner that is on par with or superior to reporting tools available for issuers collateralizing their transactions with traditional securitized assets.

System Features

SOX / Internal Controls

Our systems are fully SOX control environment ready and include full audit log functionality.

Web-Based Controls

Our web-based control screen workflows allow efficient operation of your financing with reduced risk of human reporting error.

Data Retention

Our daily data records enable maximum historical data presentation opportunities, audit trail support and detailed summary ledgers of all critical values.