Case Studies

Read through our Case Studies to learn more about how our experienced and highly qualified team can work with you to build, implement and manage custom tailored solutions for your securitization management challenges.

Two-Tier (AssetCo / Issuer) Structures

If you face a need to transition from traditional corporate style financing to securitization, combine securitization structures, implement collateral pooling arrangements, or simply transition from an old structure to new, we can help.

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Concentration Limit Optimization

If your financing contains or will contain overlapping concentration limit criteria, our calculation engines and reporting tools can optimize your financing availability.

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Securitization Waterfall & Working Capital Optimization

Our tools can help you efficiently manage cash collection, allocation and distribution rules while optimizing working capital and ensuring credit enhancement compliance.

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VFN Draw / Repayment Process & Risk Retention Compliance

If your financing includes VFNs that you regularly draw and repay, our tools can significantly ease the documentation burden associated with those efforts.

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Third Party Data Integrations

Our developers can create APIs or utilize various ETL tools to seamlessly integrate with third-party data providers as required.

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Payment Instructions

Our tools can reduce the risk of error and the time required to produce daily payment instructions for your platform. Our tools can adjust the payment instructions as series amortize.

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