Tailored Solutions

System Features

Our features are designed to effectively address the needs of issuers collateralizing their transactions with traditional securitized assets.

SOX / Internal Controls

Our systems are SOX Compliant and include full audit and change migration logs.

Web-Based Controls

We minimize the use of MS Excel-based input tools, instead opting for intelligently designed web-based control screen workflows that allow efficient operation of your financing with reduced risk of human reporting error.

Data Retention

Our systems are designed to retain daily data records which enable maximum historical data presentation opportunities, audit trail support, and detailed and summary ledgers of all critical values.

AUP Support

We construct systems to successfully support detailed substantive AUP processes, which greatly increase lender and investor confidence in securitization management and reporting, resulting in better deal execution.

Custom Tailored Reporting

Custom tailored reporting. We do not bring a single bag of tricks to the table, we will work with you, and if desired your investors, to develop reporting packages optimized for your assets and your financing platform. We have learned that jamming certain financing platforms into existing reporting paradigms can be a mistake for everyone involved.

Bolt-On Approach

Typically IT is tailored for operational and financial reporting requirements, not securitization reporting. We aim to bolt our applications onto existing systems, consuming the existing data and undertaking any financing requirements downstream of the operating and financial reporting systems.

Cloud or On-Premises

We can implement our tools in a variety of environments and are completely hardware agnostic.

Efficient Custom Setup

Our system is highly configurable with respect to all common securitization requirements and has the ability to build custom requirements within the workflow. Our team can gather the vast majority of requirements by simply reading your documents, which means your team does not spend countless hours teaching developers structured finance.

Pre-Wired & Custom Reporting

We strongly believe in maximizing value in data--we have seen it work. Our systems track and record every relevant variable every day, which enables any reporting needed for any purpose. We have designed hundreds of reports for various audiences and purposes, and we will assist you in determining how to achieve the maximum value from your securitization related data.

Investor Website

If you do not already post your reporting to an investor accessible website, you should strongly consider doing so as it provides a common source of information for all stakeholders.

System Modules

Our custom-implemented securitization management software modules greatly enhance compliance and allow efficient operation of your financing platform.

Collateral Value Calculation Module

Our tools support multiple collateral groups within any given issuer, multiple assetco spvs and multiple issuers (whether within a jurisdiction or cross border.) This module can be configured to calculate or track, and then record the value of collateral on a GAAP basis or otherwise. We produce daily reporting of collateral value, organized as needed for platform management and credit enhancement calculations, and implement rollforward reporting for all possible categories of changes to asset values relevant to the securitization reporting framework.

  • Collateral Group Management
  • Automated Daily Primary Reporting
  • Calculate and Record
  • Automated Daily Secondary (Rollforward) Reporting and Reconciliations

Borrowing Base / Credit Enhancement Calculation Module

Our tools are designed to handle complex multi-level master trust borrowing bases. They optimize concentration limit results in multi-variable concentration limit environments by selecting particular assets to designate as excluded, satisfying concentration limit excesses with the lowest overall impact on financing availability. Our system calculates and reports borrowing base or credit enhancement values as frequently as daily.

  • Master Trust Friendly
  • Automated Daily Advance Rate / Credit Enhancement Calculations
  • Concentration Limit Optimization

Cash / Waterfall Management Module

Our tools are designed to manage complex, multi-level master trust waterfalls and static pools as well. They can handle any number of waterfall levels and principal/interest splits and integrate to your existing cash balance reporting system. Our tools provide intelligent VFN draw/repay functionality which automatically produces required draw requests and repayment notices, handles class-based pairing conditions and produces pre- and post-advance RR-related disclosures. Our allows users to track and pay structure related carrying charges from the appropriate waterfall level. It can also assist your accountants in identifying collections for allocation to particular collateral pools.

  • Cash Balance Integration
  • Multi-Level Waterfall Functionality
  • Intelligent VFN Draw / Repay Controls
  • Collections Identification
  • Master Trust and Static Pool Friendly
  • Carrying Charges

Historical Data Module

Our tools produce historical data presentations that are tailored to your assets and structure. They can readily support in rating agency, offering memo, investor presentations and AUP processes. If needed, our tools can also produce strat tables to your needs and specifications. If needed, our tools can also become a repository of historical data to allow for consistent reporting from historical data to current datasets.

  • Historical Data Presentation
  • Strats

Investor Reporting Websites

We can design and implement investor reporting websites, whether they be public or password protected for private transactions.