Our Process

We utilize a three-part approach to engaging with new clients. We view each client engagement as unique and will custom tailor our approach to your situation and desired outcome.

We begin by reviewing your securitization documentation in detail, gaining a solid understanding of your collateral and how its value is calculated and tracked, surveying your existing IT infrastructure and reporting systems, and discussing with you your desired platform management framework, typically at no cost to you. We will then present a formal scope of work, including software and services to be provided and any suggested or required IT infrastructure enhancements. Once engaged, we will complete any additional discovery work required to begin our implementation and build efforts with minimal impact to your team and ongoing operations.
We will implement our software modules in a manner that is customized to your needs. We will build out any additional issuer-specific functionality using an agile approach that aims toward efficient delivery of tools that are integrated into our standard tools. Ultimately, we will work with you and your team to achieve user acceptance and launch the system.
We will provide managed services to the extent desired by you, which will operate, maintain and support the system and platform while developing continued enhancements as needed. These efforts can take different forms as desired, up to running all financing operations short of delivering payment instructions to the bank. We will prepare and validate all external and internal reporting and handle all development of rating agency and offering document data packages. We will also support SOX/internal control and financial statement audit processes, as well as AUP processes, whether for an upcoming transaction or for ongoing bank deal surveillance.
In addition to our software development expertise, we can provide financing structuring advice aimed at holistically optimizing your existing or new financing platform.
*On an as needed basis

About HRS

HRS is a boutique software development company focused on structured finance platform management systems. The goal of HRS is to provide a holistic solution with the tools, guidance and expertise to allow any issuer to effectively manage their collateral pools regardless of size or tenure.

Our team is dedicated to ensure that any organization can obtain the lower cost of capital benefits that structured finance brings without the increased burden. Furthermore, if you are considering establishing a new structured finance platform, now is a great time to call us as we may be willing to couple our services with an investment in your company or even take equity as compensation for the first few years of the platform’s life.

Value Proposition

Structural Borrowing Base

Our experience suggests that careful diligence of the interface between financial / management reporting and financing reporting can uncover material amounts of latent borrowing base availability. We have been able to unlock hundreds of millions of dollars of latent borrowing base availability through a deep understanding of structured finance, including various participants intent and expectations, data and systems. material increases in financing availability under efficient structured finance platforms can have meaningful impact on overall weighted average cost of capital.

New Issuers

We find that it is common for companies considering implementing a new securitization platform, especially for non-vanilla assets, to quickly determine that their systems and human resources are not perfectly tailored to operating in a securitized environment. We can implement turn-key reporting systems and manage them for you with minimal or no impact to your existing IT and human resources at a competitive price. We also feel that our expertise can be most valuable prior to platform implementation as we can provide valuable guidance on common documentation issues that can create reporting challenges.

Existing Issuers

If you are an existing issuer that wishes to enhance your historical data collection and presentation, your noteholder reporting or the efficiency of your financing operations, we can implement our tools to achieve your goals in a manner that adds value to your existing platform.

Managed Services

Hiring professionals with deep securitization experience is not easy and is expensive. Rather than search for people with the skills to run your platform, but more skill than is needed for daily treasury operations, we can manage your financing platform for you, eliminating the human resource challenge, its associated cost, and a sustainability/succession risk for your company.

Sustainability and Redundancy

Our team has worked together for years and while each individual has certain strengths, we have redundancy across all skills.

Our Philosophy

We view financing platform management and compliance as a critical leg supporting a company's liquidity position. We protect your platform like it is your cash.

Optimal compliance can only be realized through comprehensive data management and multi-faceted reporting and reconciliations managed by people who understand the business and the financing. We do. Investor relations are an unquantifiable, but critical, asset that can be greatly enhanced through solid, detailed, understandable, and supportable reporting that addresses investor requests and perspectives.

We find ways to provide investors what they seek.